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                UNBLOCK UPAD4G,Give Boundless Beauty to Your Life Any Time Any Where

                4G,Give Boundless Beauty to Your Life Any Time Any Where


                Purchase Online

                Lots of applications create boundless extension and possibility.
                Make your work and your life become more wonderful and more comfortable.

                4G network fits all kinds of networks.
                UPAD 4G is the best choice for your global roaming journey

                UPAD 4G is designed to have two standard SIM card slots. Dual cards dual standby will let you to use it according to your need anytime anywhere. The network speed becomes faster and the signal comes smoothly and efficiently.

                UPAD 4G supports below network kinds:

                3GWCDMA 2100

                * GSM 850/900/1800/1900

                Global Live Channels, Hollywood Movies, Hit TV Plays, Variety Shows, Sports Events
                Different kinds of shows for you to find your favorite one from UPAD!

                Dual Cards Dual Standby, Supports 64g Storage Extension

                UPAD 4G provides two standard SIM card slots and supports dual cards dual standby mode. The real 4G network fits all kinds of networks. There is no difference for its two SIM card slots. UPAD 4G is a big large-size screen monitors tablet but with dual cards dual standby mode. UPAD 4G is designed TF card slot and supports 64G storage extension.

                Lots of games let you enjoy yourself in the game!
                Open your UPAD and have fun!

                Perfect Color Performance

                UPAD 4G brings vast color gamut and more splendid color performance. In order to bring a same real and plentiful color details in different angles, we have done countless careful adjustments on the monitor.

                Use UPAD to read mass of eBooks and to experience the various aspects of life from the eBooks.

                10.1” IPS monitor to get more wonderful performance

                IPS big monitor makes 10.1”monitor to occupy exquisite image performance as television. Give you smooth and wonderful experience in watching on live channels and On-demand TV, surfing online or working.

                Learn more about the hardware and appearance design of UPAD 4G

                Learn more about the /c9ns52/en/upad4/hardware and appearance design of UPAD 4G

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